Where Do You Find African Food?

If you visited this website in the past, you will remember that the mission was to provide a listing of African restaurants and grocery stores around the world. We had quite an extensive listing!

Now this mission is kind of obsolete. No one needs to go to a website to find this information, you just need to pull up a map or visit Yelp.

Even though restaurant and grocery store listings is no longer the main focus of African Chop, I do plan to feature some of my favorite places for African food. Stay tuned as I add these posts in the future.

Do you have a favorite African restaurant or grocery store? Send me an email at akanokid(at)africanchop.com and tell me about it. I no longer do listings in the same style as before, however you may submit a guest post describing the establishment. It will need to have a detailed description including what foods are available, good quality photos that I can use in the post, and contact information.

If I decide to use your post, I reserve the right to edit your submission and photos as needed to ensure the quality of this website.

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