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Hey, I am so excited to be back! It has been a few years, but I am dusting off the website and happy to be bringing you news again from the world of African Food. Check in again, as I rebuild the site.

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World of African Food

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth

How did I come to know and love African food? I was born and raised in Nigeria. I grew up eating foods like kosai, tuwo da miya, egusi, and jollof rice.

It’s been thrilling to see how real West African food has become available in the United States during the past 20 or 30 years.

I used to have to mail order ingredients and cook them myself. Now I have my choice of genuine West African restaurants and groceries within driving distance.

I still love to cook my own African food as well.

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My Cookbook

Back in the day I began writing down my African recipes and researching for more. This was before the internet, and it was truly a labour of love. I compiled the recipes into a cookbook which was published in 1997.

Sadly this cookbook is now out of print, although you might still be able to find a second-hand copy.

I use my own copy regularly to make my favorite West African dishes. I also collect and use other African cookbooks, and visit African restaurant and grocers whenever I can.

Whether you are an African living in the United States, or are just interested in learning a new cuisine, this site is designed to help you to find, cook and enjoy African foods.

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“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…”

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